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The History Of Rhodes - Rodos Island History


Due to its strategic location Rhodes was besieged by many nations that wanted to conquer it but also lived days of glory and splendor. Many nations such as the Romans and the Arabs inhabited the island and left their denotations through the centuries.

During the 14
th century Rhodes (Rodos) passed in the hand of the Knights of the Order of Saint John. That period distinguishes in the history of the island which is until today called the Knights’ island. Rhodes flourished during the Knights of Saint John stay on the island who beyond the fact that they entrenched it, they also made it a rich and modern for that period island by building castles, churches, a hospital and libraries.

In the 16
th century Rhodes (Rodos) was besieged and became occupied by the Ottomans who enriched the island with their own characteristics but by the 19th century the island fell into decline.       

In the 20th century the Italians occupied the island of Rhodes and modernized it by building contemporary constructions.

Finally Rhodes was free and was united with Greece in 1948.  


Ancient mythology says that Rhodes emerged from the sea and the Sun God (Helios) asked Zeus to grant him the island. Therefore the island became his and that is why Rhodes (Rodos) is always sunny and radiant. The residents wanted to show the Sun God their appreciation and love so in the 4th century B.C. they built a huge bronze statue of the God near the port, from where all the ships had to pass from beneath the statue’s legs. Unfortunately the statue collapsed in an earthquake just 60 years after its construction and later on was sold for its metal by Saracen conquerors. The statue of the Sun God was actually the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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International Names:
Rhodes, Rhodos, Rodas, Rodes, Rodi, Rodos, Rodosz, Ρόδος, Родос