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Rhodes Attractions

Sights – Museums – Monuments

The Archaeological Museum of the island is also located inside the Medieval Town along with the Byzantine Museum and the Public Library.

A walk in the Medieval Town of Rhodes (Rhodos) can last many hours and you can discover in every cobblestoned street another monument. If you walk through the area’s narrow streets you will come across old houses that are still inhabited by soft spoken residents of the island who will be more than happy to talk to you and invite you inside their homes to see them and relax. 

The Medieval Town is bustling with life since apart from the various monuments it has numerous touristic shops as well as restaurants. Every day until very late at night the shops, the cafeterias, the patisseries and the taverns are open and wait for the tourists to shop and get some rest after a walk around the monuments. 
At night the Medieval Town assumes another form, wandering musicians go around the streets, the harbor is lit up, tables and chairs from the restaurants and bars come out in the pavements and people stroll carefree.
Rhodes’ Castle City is still alive through the passing of centuries. 


New Town

In Rhodes’ New Town there is a beautiful green park for your walks that is called the Park of Rodini. The Museum of Modern Greek Art is lodged in a lovely building in the New Town as well as the Monte Smith hill with the ruins of Rhodes’ Acropolis. Furthermore in the New Town near the port there is a part of Aphrodite’s ancient temple that still survives along with the District Council, Murat Reis’ Mosque, Rezep Pasha’s Mosque and of course the lighthouse of Saint Nicolas and the deer statues.

The old Rodon Hotel accommodates nowadays the island’s Casino.



Lindos is located eastward of Rhodes (Rodos) and has an amazing Acropolis from where the view is simply breathtaking. A part of the Byzantine church of Saint John, the ruins of the Knights’ Command Post and the ruins of the Temple of Goddess Athena Lindia have survived through the years. 
Lindos is a picturesque town in Rhodes island with beautiful traditional houses and cobblestones streets, but it is also a very developed touristic area with many restaurants by the sea side, coffee shops and of course souvenir shops and shops with traditional products. In the up hill street that leads to the Acropolis you will come across numerous shops, friendly inhabitants and also cute donkeys that carry tourists to the top. The Folklore Museum in Lindos offers vast and interesting collection of exhibits. 

Many more municipalities and areas in Rhodes (Rodos), such as Ialysos, Kamiros, Archangelos, Psinthos, Koskinou, Kattavia, Traganou and others offer archaeological monuments, castles and churches that worth a visit. You will stumble on ruins of temples, monasteries, fortresses and small churches everywhere on the island near the sea or the mountains.

The Butterfly Valley which is famous is located quite far from the centre of the island and you should most definitely visit it. The valley is filled with trees and flowers as well as numerous butterflies that fly from flower to flower. A walk inside the valley that has beautiful small wooden bridges which are crossed by small creeks will be unforgettable. The Museum of Natural History is located just outside the valley. Due to the fact that the area is mostly visited it has began to expand and develop.  

Rhodes’ Aquarium is near the beach and the old harbor and offers a large and exceptional collection of rare sea species. The aquarium has modern facilities and is part of the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research.  

Medieval Walls – Medieval Town

The Medieval Walls of Rhodes as well as the Medieval Town are considered the most important sights of the island. The walls were built during the Byzantine period but were completed by the Knights of Saint John who made them impenetrable and powerful with a trench and bastions. The Knights also built the Palace of the Grant Magister that is crossed by the Knights road. Inside the Medieval Town there are many churches such as the church of the Virgin of the Castle, Saint Trinity, Saint Catherine, Saint Athanassios, Saint Paraskevi and of course Saint John. In addition inside the Old Town, having survived all those years you can find the Clock Tower, the D’Amboise gate, the magnificent Mosque of Suleiman, the large Fountain as well as many public buildings such as the National Bank of Greece, the Prefectorial Hall and the Hospital.      

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International Names:
Rhodes, Rhodos, Rodas, Rodes, Rodi, Rodos, Rodosz, Ρόδος, Родос